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NIC-ALGOS : NIC Algorithms

NIC-ALGOS is a startup that builds tech products and services. We are not freelance developers. We have our own projects to develop. Perhaps, you can share your innovative ideas with us and claim your partnership on that project with NIC-ALGOS.

There are a bunch of freelnce startups in Asia who can be hired by anyone. Only a few startups have the guts to work on their own projects. And proudly we are one of them.

Our Products

As a startup, we have very few live projects. Our next products will be listed below as the given ones. Stay tuned.


NIC-TODO: A Productivity APP

This app is developed to increase productivity. People should use technology to be productive instead of wasting time on several social platforms. Used Laravel framwork to develop the backend.

Web App     Download Android App

EzyStuff: A Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Store

EzyStuff is a mult-vendor e-commerce store. You can join here as a vendor or create account to purchase your stuffs easily. The service is not running yet. We'll let you know when you can purchase from here. Now it's running as a demo project.

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NIC-TOE: A TicTacToe Game

This is a TicTacToe game. It's made by HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Tailwind, jQuery. It's a complete front-end dynamic app. Inspired by Code With Harry, but slightly modified. It's free for all. You can grab the source files from githu repo.

Play     GitHub Repo

NIC-GTN: Guess The Number

Guess The Number. It's also a dynamic front-end project. The game has two levels. The harder one is most frustrating. Only the lucky ones can pass it. It's free for all. You can grab the source files from githu repo.

Play     GitHub Repo


Such an amazing app. I'm a student and part-time job holder. The monotonous study and work pressure were used to make me depressed. But now I can all my tasks on time. Thanks to Nic-Algos to make Nic-ToDo. Take love from Albany, New York.

testimonial Zidan BSc Cyber Security, UAlbany, New York.

Great app for students. If a student takes his/her phone to do something, it kills their hours on social platform. Wherever this app makes them productive. I use it regularly. Specailly the progress score feature attracts me most. We expect more apps like this from you guyz.

testimonial Nayeemul Islam Chowdhury Technical Support Engineer, Ezzy Group.



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